May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Month and we are celebrating today in the studio with artist Makisi Tapa and his band.  

Born and raised in Glendale, Utah, Tapa has been singing since he was a child. He and his friends have been playing together for around six to seven years, where they play Polynesian music mixed with the sounds of today’s popular music as they seek to share their culture with listeners. Today, he and the band shared with us Lou Fatai, a Tongan love song.  

This upcoming summer, Tapa is working on releasing some music projects and playing at various local events and concerts, including performing at a Polynesian benefit concert in Saint George. In his free time, Tapa said that he can be found every Saturday with friends feeding the homeless.  

To connect with Tapa and follow along with his upcoming concerts and musical projects you can find him at @makismusik