SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Having the perfect wedding pictures is what every couple strives for, but these photos only capture a few moments through the night. Taylor Ivey, owner and founder of Bachd, joined us to talk about a new personalized way of capturing those wedding day memories through content creation.

This form of wedding photography and videography focuses specifically on what the bride wants, and is done all on an iPhone. Taylor said that she often makes TikToks, reels, and any other form of photography that is desired, and these photos or videos can be for social media, or just for the bride to keep. She also makes sure to stay out of the way of the professional  photographers and videographers and describes her service as an “added bonus”.

With more professional wedding photography and videography, you wait for those photos for days, sometimes weeks, where this personalized form of capturing wedding content can be airdropped to you right after the event, and you can have photos and videos ready to post while you wait for your professional content to be ready. With this service, you are given anywhere around 1200 pictures and videos of your day.

Before the wedding, Taylor will call the guest and ask about what they specifically want captured throughout the day, and walks in with a plan on the day of. Most of her clients are brides who love the TikTok aspect of this content creation, and want to post their special day on social media. This service takes the pressure off of guests to capture pictures and videos, and allows the bride to be present with her guests and not stress about social media content.

Taylor offers 6 hour packages and 8 hour packages for her clients, and right now she is giving 10% off of her service to anyone with the code GTU! You can find and message her on Instagram at @bachdddd or on TikTok at @taylorbivey.