Can’t get your kids to eat? Try “Food Rebranding” and the sweetest video we’ve seen this week

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Hosts Reagan Leadbetter, Nicea DeGering, and Surae Chinn come together this morning to talk about how parents are getting clever by using food rebranding at mealtime.

Food rebranding is the new way parents are encouraging their kids to eat their least liked food. By calling meals by the names that children associates with fun and enticing they find that their kids are more likely to eat them. Parents have come up with fun new names for meals like “egg pizza” for omelets and “spaghetti chicken nuggets with cheese” for chicken parmesan.

With this food rebranding, parents are encouraged to give their children the option to stop eating and to have the power to decide whether or not they want to eat the food provided.

Plus, the sweetest pet video we’ve seen all week. Watch as a donkey who hasn’t seen the little girl who trained him in several years reacts to a reunion. This had us feeling all the warm fuzzies!

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