Amber Zaccardi, the owner of Tranquility and Roses Candles Co., showed us her beautiful handmade candles meant to bring peace and love to their burner. 

Zaccardi said that the inspiration for her candles came from wanting to create something that had a purpose and meaning for its owner. She puts specific essential oils, herbs, flowers, and crystals into her candles. The intention she puts into her candles is to remind and support its burner in pursuing whatever they are aiming for, whether it’s passion, self-love, or energy while transforming the space it’s burned in into a relaxing and reaffirming environment.  

Each one of her candles comes with an affirmation card that you can read while burning the candle. Zaccardi said that each of her candles is also made with soy wax which tends to be gentler and less non-toxic than other waxes, and it is also easy to clean off the crystals and other treasures in the candle once it’s all been burned down.  

Viewers can find Zaccardi’s candles at her website on and they can find her on Facebook and Instagram at @Tranquility and Roses 

Viewers can also get 20% off their first purchase on Zaccardi’s website using the promo code “ROSES”