Candle making for suicide prevention

Good Things Utah

Shaylie Russell, the owner of 3AM Company, joins Nicea at SUU to share about her small business and what she’s doing to promote suicide prevention.

Russell shared her story with viewers about her struggles with depression. One night she was feeling down and was having a hard time falling asleep. Lighting a candle and smelling the refreshing scent is something that helps her relax, however she couldn’t find a scent she likes. This was the moment she decided to make her own. She started making candles to help her live life every day. She found that it was very therapeutic and after sharing a video on TikTok decided she would run with the business idea.

The mantra behind The Three AM Company is ‘kinda want to be dead, started making candles instead’! Shaylie is passionate about raising awareness for Suicide Prevention. Each candle comes with a note that shares a reason to stay alive that day. She also donates 1$ for each item purchased to suicide prevention measures throughout our state.

Three AM Company candles can be found on etsy, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure and check them out because they are offering our viewers a coupon code! The code GOODTHINGSUTAH will get you 10% off your order.

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