Mark Drennan, the president of Mountain Republic, showed viewers his must-haves for their next camping trip.  

First, he shared his favorite double washbasin. Drennan said that while many focus on sleeping arrangements, food, and other forms of gear, the clean-up process is often overlooked. The double washbasin is plastic and can fold and fit into a trunk where you may not have lots of room for large bins. For clean hands, Drennan recommended the Suds2Go hand washing station; a special lid that you can screw onto a water bottle that holds soap and then dispenses water. He also shared his favorite water jug which folds accordion-style to save space when not holding water.  

Camp chairs are necessary for overnight adventures, and Drennan’s top recommendation is a chair that uses tent-pole-like technology to create a springy feel that is lightweight and folds up small enough to fit into a backpack for backpacking trips. When out overnight flashlights are a must when it gets dark, but Drennan said to ditch the traditional flashlight for a headlight that straps to the head so that your hands are free. The one he shared with us comes with a light guard so that it deflects the light to the ground when you’re talking to others so that light is not shining into anyone’s eyes.  

Other recommendations of Drennan’s included a battery pack for your phone or other technology, using sparks to start a fire, and using StingEze to instantly numb and relieve itchy bug bites.  

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