Salt Lake City (Good Things Utah) – A campervan is the perfect summer accessory to accompany you on all your adventures and trips. Kristen Bor, the founder of Bearfoot Theory, joined us in the studio today to discuss planning a perfect summer campervan trip.

Kristen Bor has been a full-time blogger since 2014 and has successfully run one of the internet’s most popular outdoor and van life blogs. She has written over 100 blog posts specifically about van life and camping. She has produced dozens of YouTube videos teaching people how to live van life to the fullest extent. She spends eight months out of the year living and working out of her van and has traveled all around the United States. Click here to explore her blog!

A camper van is a fantastic way to travel, even with kids! It lets you be more spontaneous and puts the outdoors at your doorstep. Campervans allow you to cook your own food and sleep in a bed, sheltered from any weather you might otherwise encounter when camping in a tent. Best of all, campervans are cheaper than a hotel stay and are much more manageable than traveling in a large RV.

Kristen Bor’s top tips for planning a trip in a campervan:

  • If you don’t own one, rent one
  • Download apps to your phone to find free camping spots such as; ​​Dyrt, ioverlander, and All Stays Camp
  • What gear to pack: check out Kristen Bor’s camping checklist by clicking here
  • To find fun hikes and trails during your trip, use apps such as; AllTrails, MTB or TrailForks

To learn more about the Bearfoot Theory and ideas for your next trip, visit To see more of what Kristen Bor is up to on her travel adventures, find her on social media @bearfoottheory.