SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Olivia Andrew joined us on the show to demonstrate how to make a cake in a cup! Andrew emphasizes that there are no specific ingredients because this recipe is meant to be made with leftover cake, and you can use whatever kind of cake you want! Cake in a cup is great for picnics or BBQs because you can take them in a beverage tub, and they stay cool. Andrew explains that she first had the idea to make a cake in a cup for her kids when she was making a cake for a client and her kids wanted some. Instead of letting them try the cake she was making for the order, she made them a “Cake in a cup” out of leftover cake. It has been a hit for her kids ever since! 

Making Cake in a cup is simple, easy, and eliminates waste. To start, crumble up leftover cake crumbs from the cake of your desire. Next, add your cake to a cup of your choice and pack in the cake mixture. After packing in your cake crumbs add the frosting of your choice. Repeat both steps one more time, and add whatever toppings you desire to make the perfect “Cake in a Cup.” 

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