Most formal gowns are only worn one time, so why waste money on a dress that will sit in your closet? Kristin Geyser Owner and Founder of The Showroom joined hour two of GTU to share what drove her to start this business. 

Geyser started Showroom in Nashville, Tennessee seven years ago. The Showroom offers formal & cocktail attire along with accessories to buy or rent. Renting is much cheaper than buying. Customers can have a different dress for every event, without hurting their wallet! With store locations in Charleston, South Carolina, and Draper, Geyser hopes to expand more in the future! 

Staff at The Showroom also offers alterations and dry cleaning which gets factored into the dress rental price. With dress sizes offered in all sizes 0- plus size, everyone can walk out of the Showroom as a happy customer! 

If you or a friend are interested in this business, check the links below! 

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Instagram: @theshowroomsaltlakecity