Now that we’re in peak pool season, plenty of people who planned on getting their summer bod in check are scrambling to feel good about their bodies! Kasey Giles, a trainer at The Camp Transformation Center, joined us to talk about five body myths that many of us believe!

Myth #1: If you want to lose weight fast, starve yourself

  • Depriving yourself and skipping meals is counterproductive – it slows down your metabolism and triggers over-eating 

Myth #2: Losing weight is linear 

  • You may lose weight some weeks, and none at all the next. This is perfectly normal, and planning to lose a set amount each week isn’t realistic.

Myth #3: Carbs and fat make you fat

  • There is such thing as healthy carbs and fat, and they can actually aid weight loss

Myth #4: Weight loss supplements will get you to your goal

  • While supplements can help, a healthy diet with a caloric deficit paired with exercise is the most effective way to drop weight

Myth #5: No pain no gain

  • You don’t need to over-exert yourself to see results. Rest days are just as important and gym days.

Kasey also showed a few workout moves you can do at home to work your arms and core.

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