Fall fashion is always such a vibe! Many people however, have a hard time keeping up with each season. It seems we are buying new clothes whenever a new season arrives which can be stressful and also can break the bank. Fortunately, we have a solution. The always fabulous and fashionable Shauna Grow came to visit us in St. George and share her tips on maximizing your wardrobe and while looking stylish and comfortable for the autumnal weather.

Grow suggests on building a “fall capsule” wardrobe, meaning to keep a few staple items through out the year and adding pops of color. Neutral colors are great to wear and you can achieve a festive look with fall colors. Cheetah and leopard prints can also work as a neutral palette and pairs very well with a bright colored dress or skirt. Grow loves to stick to the classics but also add a few trends. Fall capsules are a great way to make the most of your existing wardrobe.

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