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On today’s parenting moment, Tanner Clark is here in the studio to tackle what he believes is a happiness problem in our world today. So often we see that people are basing their happiness on things they cannot control, so Clark is here to help find the answer. 

Too many people today, especially our youth, are struggling with their self-worth. Clark believes this has a great deal to do with where we spend our time and the habits we create. He suggests the idea that habits have memory. If we think about these things we do so often and how we feel in those moments, we notice that a lot of times we are unhappy because we continue to do the same things. He educates, that unfortunately, teenagers spend a lot of their time on social media. He includes a statistic that reveals that 32% of young girls feel bad about their bodies and Instagram made them feel worse. According to studies, if your teen has Youtube, Instagram, SnapChat, Tik Tok the average time spent would show they are spending 20% of their time on these apps. That’s 73 days – FULL DAYS out of the year they are on these apps.

Taking social media away is not the answer. This is the world that we live in, so the key is learning how to live and cope with it. He shares the following tips: 

  1. Identify what is holding you back. Ask yourself what is making you unhappy and reflect. 
  2. Parents with teens have ONE goal: DON’T FREAK OUT! Create a space where your teenagers can talk to you. 
  3. Instead: tell them you love them, thank them for their truth and strength, hug them, promise that you will make it through this together

One of the things Clark does with his home is stick to the “No Trouble Bubble”. When one of his kids comes to him and says “No Trouble Bubble” they can tell him whatever they want and he promises not to freak out and overreact.

Tanner Clark is a part of the Looking Up Foundation. They are currently booking speaking events at school parent nights and speaking to teens at middle schools, high schools, or youth church events to help teens realize their self-worth, ditch their digital devices and reach their potential. For more tips and information follow Tanner on Instagram and the Looking Up Foundation on Instagram

To have him speak to your teen’s school or youth church event email him at

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