SALT LAKE CITY, Utah–(Good Things Utah) With Halloween just days away, it still isn’t too late to pull together a costume. GTU’s Thrifty Fashion Expert, Krystal Gates came on set to give us some tips on how to get that last minute Halloween costume that will be sure to win the contest.

Gates donned a red floral dress she thrifted alongside a pair of black retro high heels and wore her hair in short pin curls. She created this Betty Boop inspired look that is perfect for Halloween for just $8. The average American spends $150 per person on a Halloween costume which will ultimately be thrown out and Gates wants to encourage others to save a few pennies and utilize what they have. “The possibilities are endless,” said Gates. “You can do so many things.” These are ideal for a last minute

Gates brought a few of her personal favorite costumes from Halloweens past. She has created costumes portraying Morton Salt Girl, Rosie the Riveter, Sun Maid Raisins Girl, and Minnie Mouse. Gates also brought a costume her sister wore that included a blue gingham dress with painted red sparkly sneakers for a Dorothy Gale from ‘Wizard of Oz’ inspired look. Gates is a Halloween fanatic and closed the segment with her “everyday wear” that is a skeletal dress with a rose hairclip with a skeletal hand. She paired the outfit with a Halloween cobweb decor that she wears as a scarf.