We all know those little ears are always listening. Body Acceptance Coach, Kelsie Jepson, came on the show today to teach how we can build a body-positive environment at home. 

She shares, that according to the National Eating Disorder Association 81% of ten-year-olds are more afraid of getting fat than getting cancer, war, or losing their parents. In addition, 91% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies which leads to diets and disordered eating. 

Jepsen states that these ideas start in the home. The most impactful way for you to make a difference in your children’s lives is for you to model the behavior. Children learn from what we do (not what we say).

  1. Work on your relationship with your own body and food
  2. Teach your kids that all bodies are good bodies. Teach them that body diversity is real and something to be celebrated!
  3. Expose your family to all kinds of body types. Be intentional about exposing your family to people with all kinds of body types, races, abilities etc. 
  4. Teach your kids how to recognize and interrupt fatphobia and diet culture. Teach your children why fatphobia and diet culture is harmful.
  5. Teach your kids that all foods fit. Don’t moralize food. Restriction leads to bingeing so it’s best to offer a variety of foods at all meals. Teach your kids how to honor their hunger and fullness cues.
  6. Help your kids experience joyful movement! Empower them to choose how they move so they can experience how movement can make them feel good.
  7. Be sure your kids know that they are good and worthy just as they are. Let your child know that our bodies will change and fluctuate all throughout our lives and that is good and normal. Let them know that their worth will never change regardless of how their body changes and that you will always love them unconditionally. 

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