Fall is here and we are living for the fashion! Today’s looks are classic, comfortable and casual. Unfortunately, we can’t always add “affordable” to the list. Fortunately, there is a way to get these high end looks at a low cost.

Libbie Archibald of Vanilla Bean Style came to GTU to share the best looks of the season all while on a budget. Archibald started the segment with a dupe of the highly coveted Lululemon belt bag, which has recently sold out. These are dead ringers for the Lululemon back for half the price. This bag will be perfect for wallet, key and phone.

Archibald also brought an oversized sweater that resembles the Barefoot Dream sweaters. Her option was almost a third of the cost of an original. The sweater is available in numerous colors. Many of the items Archibald got is from Amazon and have been inspiration from Free People and many other brands.

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