All good things must come to an end. Thankfully, Good Things Utah is far from over but our celebration for our 20th birthday ended with a big bang and big Bubbly Drink. Rachel Bunnell, owner of Bubbly Bar Events, a soda and mocktail catering service, came to celebrate with us. Bubbly Bar is the perfect addition to your work party, wedding, baby shower, quinceañera, Bar and Bat Mitzvah and even a talk show’s 20th anniversary special. For any event, they have you covered.

Bunnell created a drink in our honor, named after us, “Good Things Utah.” The drink is Mountain Dew based with coconut cream, pineapple syrup, raspberry puree and garnished with a lime wedge. Other drinks include “Cheers to 20 years” which is Dr. Pepper based with coconut cream and vanilla syrup, “Raspberry Dream” which is also Dr. Pepper based with coconut cream and raspberry puree, “Endless Summer” with a sparkling water base with lemon, lime and garnished with a mint, and of course the Utah state drink, “Utah Moms”, Diet Coke base with coconut syrup and cream with lime juice and wedge.

The party came to an end but the celebration continues. All four current GTU hosts toasted to another 20 years alongside Bunnell, Tony Parks, sideline reporter for the Utah Jazz and Kate DeGering, youngest daughter of GTU’s longest tenured host, Nicea DeGering. It has been a remarkable 20 years and here is hoping for a magical 20 more!

To book Bubbly Bar for your next event, contact them on social media:

Facebook: Bubbly Bar Events UT

Instagram: @bubblybar.eventsut