• On Good Things Utah this morning – Sam Asghari filed for divorce from his wife Britney Spears on Wednesday, a source told PEOPLE. A manager for Asghari, 29, declined to comment. A rep for Spears, 41, has not responded to requests for comment. Multiple sources confirmed to PEOPLE earlier Wednesday that Spears and Asghari had separated.
    • TMZ was the first to report the news of their split. After meeting in 2016 on the set of Spears’ “Slumber Party” music video set, the couple married in June 2022. However, in February, sources told PEOPLE that Spears’ inner circle had “grown concerned.” Rumors began circulating in March that the couple were having marital struggles — but Asghari’s rep, Brandon Cohen from BAC Talent, shut them down at the time. When addressing photos that showed Asghari and Spears without their wedding bands, Cohen told PEOPLE that Asghari simply took off his ring because he was filming a movie. While it was unclear what movie Asghari was filming, he announced in November that he landed a role in the Taylor Sheridan-created television series, Lioness. Before they tied the knot, Asghari played a role in supporting the pop star amid her mental health treatment in 2019. Spears checked into a facility for “all-encompassing wellness treatment” in April 2019, and Asghari stepped in to play a bigger role in supporting Spears as she dealt with her father’s health scare.
  • And speaking of breakups, here are the top questions a Breakup Coach gets asked:
    • He says the only way to get through a breakup is to experience all your emotions and work through them. Isn’t it ironic that people always tell me how “their relationship was different and I just don’t understand,” yet they all ask the same questions? Science has long proven that all humans have the same basic needs and emotions. Here are the most common questions I get asked by clients after a breakup. My honest answers will help you reframe any breakup into a breakthrough.
      • What is the fastest and easiest way to get over my ex?
        Let me tell you this straight: Breakups are supposed to be hard. You’ve spent months or years with a person, there was love and intimacy and suddenly that’s taken away from you. That hurts and there’s no way around it. I understand we live in a society that’s obsessed with everything going fast (“Lose 10 pounds in a week!”, “Become a top speaker in a month”) but that’s simply not how healing works. Emotional growth is a process and you’ll build this capacity one step at a time. Here’s the answer my clients don’t like to hear: The fastest and easiest way to get over a breakup is to face the pain and allow all the uncomfortable feelings. Working through your trauma is the most effective way to come back stronger — not finding any shortcuts to bypass it. The more you resist and suppress your grief, the longer it’ll stay stuck in your body and shape your reality. Still don’t believe me? Next time you go grocery shopping, observe people’s faces. Find the faces filled with bitterness and anger — these are examples of people who didn’t properly work through their grief, sadness, or anger (possibly after a break-up and other disappointments). Do you want to look like them one day or do you want to shine again?
        • How long will it take to get over my ex?
          I’m not surprised that I often get this question as it reflects another basic human need: safety. We crave a timeframe and predictability because our brains are extremely uncomfortable being in the unknown. Truth is, I can’t tell you how much time you’ll need to get over your ex, and neither can you. Join us as we dive into these Hot Topics and so much more this morning on GTU.