Courtney Clark from Set the Stage joined us to show off spring decor, and how to bring it into our homes! When we think of Spring Decor, we might quickly jump to Easter, bunnies and eggs. While those are darling, Courtney gives us alternative decor options that can stay in place even after Easter has come and gone.

First we talk about all we want to see and experience by this time here in Utah, such as beautiful flowers, sunshine and blue skies! We often experience a long winter, and when we start to see those bright floral colors, we get happy. Research has proved that flowers have an immediate impact on ones happiness, and emotional health. Not only giving and receiving flowers, but having them displayed in sight can bring on many positive feelings. 

We learn doable ways to add faux or real floral and greenery options into our decor that can stay in place all spring, and some of us might even want to keep it around through the summer!