STANSBERRY, UTAH – (Good Things Utah) The pandemic caused a lot of us to become creative and find new ways to do things. One such person was Brittany Jenkins, the teacher and owner of Little Birds Preschool. 

Over the pandemic, she said, she had to find new ways to connect with her kids. To build this connection, Jenkins came up with boxes that have interactive toys and learning games inside. Each month a new theme is created and new toys and games are put into the boxes. Jenkins promotes learning by play through these interactive boxes. 

In her area, there is a massive need for kindergarten prep. Jenkins has been forced to narrow her acceptance to just four year olds because of the need. However, these boxes offer an opportunity for kids to learn and play at home, still getting some of the preparations they need. The boxes are called “Preschool at Home” and are designed to help children learn by play away from preschool. 

 Instagram: @LittleBirdsPreschool