SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – (Good Things Utah) My Wonder Woman Journal is an opportunity to instill gratitude and self love into everyday live. McKenna Brown, founder of the program, is giving prompts to look at gratitude every day to help to promote self love and positive mental health. 

Implementing gratitude creates a shift of self love. She talks about her own children and the effects of gratitude practices have had on them. She said that in chaotic mornings where the stress level rises, she makes sure to go over gratitude and affirmations in order to bring back that sense of peace. 

This gratitude journal is unique. Brown said that she believes every woman is a “Wonder Woman” and every girl a “Wonder Girl.”It works on self celebration, self reflection and overall self love. 

These prompts prevent the repetition of gratitudes and keep those who use the journal actively thinking about what they are grateful for, bringing peace and love into their lives. 

There is also a raffle going on on Instagram through the month of November. Follow Brown’s Instagram and respond to the daily prompts to be entered to win a $100 gift card. It’s not too late to join! Winners are announced December 1. 

Use promo code “GRATITUDE15” for money off your next journal. 

Instagram: @MckennaRoseBrown

Tiktok: @KennaRoseBrown