Giving Sunshine is more than a Gift Box to help those suffering from cancer, loss of a loved one, and the struggles of life, it’s therapy in a box that promotes healing. Jason Clawson, Co-Owner of Giving Sunshine, created this company to provide hope and happiness again to those that have struggled with cancer, loss of a loved one, and anyone struggling in life. 

Four years ago Clawson’s wife was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Nine months later Clawson was left planning a funeral for his wife, while still in shock. This led him to create the “Giving Sunshine” box. Giving sunshine serves as a way people can heal and bring connection back into people’s lives. 

Clawson shows two Giving Sunshine Boxes, the “Cancer Box and Forget Me Not Box.” The Cancer box has 4 different Books on Cancer, 3 decks of Support Cards, sunshine journal, children’s puzzle and activity, adult puzzle book and coloring book, thank you cards, affirmation flipbook, and a giving sunshine sticker.

The “Forget Me Not Box” has 4 different Books about losing a loved one, 3 decks of Support Cards, “Forget Me Not” Journal, Children’s puzzle and activity, Adult puzzle book and coloring book, Thank you Cards, affirmation flipbook, Giving sunshine Sticker

Giving Sunshine is doing a Kickstarter Campaign at the beginning of March to raise money to increase awareness, resources, and support boxes to heal and become happier again.

If you would like to help sponsor/ donate to Giving Sunshine follow the links below.  

Instagram: @givingsunshinedaily