Breathing techniques to help calm your mind

Good Things Utah

On today’s Shot with Shaadie segment, Jozette “Jo” Maurina sat down with us to teach breathing meditation techniques that will help us stay grounded during the holidays. Jozette is the founder of “Glow with Jo” an acronym that stands for gratitude, love, and optimism. She explained how she struggled with calming her mind growing up. She said that these techniques found her and have helped her sleep better and live better overall.

Jozette led Shaadie and the hosts in a 60 second mediation session. She said that the most beautiful space is when you close your eyes and you become intentional with your heartbeat. They put their hand over their heart and focused on the beating. Then they shifted the focus to their breath. She concluded the session with an expression of gratitude for our hearts working every day for us.

If you want to “glow” and learn more breathing techniques, follow Jo on Instagram and visit her website for more.

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