Breathing techniques that will get you out of a funk

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Take a big deep breath. It’s a stressful time of year, but Melanie Webb is here to teach us how to relax and center our minds and body. Webb is a Performance Coach who helps people move their bodies in a way that helps the mind have an immersive, restorative experience in nature. She combines breathwork with different movements, so you can get yourself out of a funk and back into the flow of life. 

Funk to Flow is all about producing feel-good hormones. Webb walked Reagan and Surae through a breathwork workout. She started by breathing through a squat exercise while moving her hands and arms in front of her. She then had the hosts perform the warrior pose and consider themselves a warrior. 

Webb created an app called WebbWell. It offers coaching services for private individuals and corporate groups and Mother Nature’s Gym certification for fitness professionals. The course will help fitness and mind/body professionals adapt to challenging and ever-changing circumstances by adding outdoor fitness retreats to their service offerings. The course offers an exciting dimension to all fitness professionals, but especially those here in Utah who most likely have an outdoor passion. 

The app will hit Google Play and Apple Stores this week. Webb is offering viewers a One-Time-Offer to experience Full Access to all of the Body, Mind, Nature content on the WebbWell app FREE for 30-days when you download the app and create a monthly or annual subscription. 

Find them online at and connect on Facebook and Instagram!

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