SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — If you are curious what the craze is all about with Utah’s fastest growing sport, Pickleball, we took it down to the basics today on GTU. Adam Stark is a pickleball instructor at TeachMe.To and showed viewers how they can up their pickleball game with tips for beginners. He offered up some basic tips for improving play and explained how beginners can get started. 

The Professional Pickleball Association is coming to Brigham City August 16-19 and there’s a lot of local interest stirring in the fast-growing sport. TeachMe.To, a new online marketplace where beginners connect with local expert instructors in a variety of sports, has seen requests for pickleball lessons surge 300% in the Salt Lake City area since the start of this year. 

For those itching to get started, Adam’s got your back. You can book one-on-one lessons with Adam through