It’s time to tighten and strengthen your core and you can do so without doing crunches. Local fitness expert Andrea Jensen shows us how to get a summer ready, toned core.

What’s the first exercise you think of when you think of working your abs?? CRUNCHES.
It’s really common for crunches to feel like the only option for core work, and that is probably why people hate them so much!!

Andrea says today is the day you break up with crunches! We have 29 muscles that make up our core, and crunches really only work one of those muscles. There are hundreds of other core exercises out there that are way more effective and way more fun.

Grab a mat, and come down to your back. One of the very first exercises you’ll do in a Pilates class is the hundred. The reasons why, because hundreds bring your heart rate up, they work your entire core, and they are simple to execute.

Next up, reverse crunches. These focus mainly on our transverse abdominus, but also access our inner and outer obliques, our psoas, and our rectus abdominus.

So what if you experience back pain, are recovering from an injury or surgery, or are expecting or postpartum? Stay standing! You can do oblique leans and standing knees exercises.

Awaken Studios in Murray Utah offers a sweat and stretch membership that gives you access to yoga, pilates, barre, wyld and High fitness class, all of which include options for core work!

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