On Friday October 30th, Film Critic Patrick Beatty returned to GTU as the Tiger King with the scoop on a few new flicks for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re looking something for the spooky season…you might want to check out Welcome to Blumhouse (Rated R) on Amazon Prime Video. Basically it’s about 4 Different horror films, all about an hour and a half runtime.

Now if you’re wanting to just skip right along to get into the Christmas vibes, “Holidate” might be your jam. The movie is Not Rated and available on Netflix. Two strangers meet, and pledge to be each other’s “holidate” for every festive occasion in the year ahead alleviate getting questioned by their family about being single.

Patrick also covered “His House” also available on Amazon Prime Video

Check out the full reviews and decide which movie to check out.

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