Branson Maxwell is traveling solo around the world, with 71 countries and counting under his belt! At this rate, he’s on track to be the youngest person to visit every country. It started when he traveled to Paris at age16, and caught the travel bug.

While traveling, he honed his photography and videography skills, learning about editing and lighting. He then created a website, and launched his wedding photography business! With a successful travel IG account, wedding photography IG account, and wedding videography account, Branson has become a jack of all trades!

He offers expert advice when it comes to a cohesive Instagram feed, and branding. “Branding is all about your personality, and what you portray as your company. Branding also has a lot to do with color, fonts, and typography.” Branson uses the same colors to create his aesthetic feed and build his own personal brand, and appeal to followers.

A preset is key, Branson tells us. This editing tool used on lightroom keeps the colors matching every time so there’s no guess work.

Use the code BRANDING for 20% off his presets at contact: and follow and