Kyriaki Joy joined us today to talk breast after pregnancy and how to bounce back.

Breasts go through a lot during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Size, shape and appearances change, and Kyriaki says that is OK to experience changes. 

So, how is this fixed? First, wear a bra all the time. Not just any bra, but the most padded push up bra available. Gravity and milk can weigh breasts down, which can result in sagging. You can train your boobs to get some lift and bounce back. Second, increase fat. Breasts are made up of fat, so increasing the amount of fat intake can help with fullness. Third, gain weight. Sometimes, women can get too thin when trying to lose baby fat, shrinking the breasts. Lastly, exercise. Building pectoral muscles can help with lift and perkiness.

Remember, change does not come all at once. Stay consistent and give it time to see a real transformation. 

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