UTAH COUNTY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) Promoting your health and boosting your immune system are crucial to keeping the viruses at bay. Silver Biotics specializes in making your body at its most invincible. They describe their mission statement as ‘Transcending your physical, energetic, and emotional limitations by providing integrative pathways to bring balance to your health and well-being.”

SilverSol® was created to improve on old technology of colloidal silver to make them safer and more efficient. The formula is intended to boost your immunity while not affecting probiotics and helps keep a healthy microbiome in your body. Their line of premium silver products were invented to aid in all facets of your health. The line has products specializing in skincare, oral care, immunity and is safe to use in your daily wellness routine. They stay in your system for 24 hours.

Currently, Silver Biotics is having a 30% off sale on their website with promo code GOODTHINGS. The sale is valid until April 15, 2023.