SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH- Are you dreaming of a tropical vacation? Turns out, traveling is more than just making memories, it can actually improve your health. Kimberly Jensen from Earth Momma Travels joins us on the show to talk all things travel and how it relates to mental well being. 

As both a Licensed clinical worker and blogger, Kimberly aims to inspire travel, playing in nature and continuing this practice no matter the age. Play is not just for children. Travel and nature are important aspects to maintaining your mental and physical health.

To women of all ages, book that ticket and take that solo trip. It is never too late to experience the wonders of the world and the thrill of travel. Through her endeavors, Kimberly supports and promotes organizations to help the planet locally by selling one t-shirt at a time. All profits go to UtahVOAD. For more information visit her blog.