Nichole Kippen, esthetician and owner of Bloom Esthetics introduces us to the Bloom Box, a unique, holistic approach to skincare. “Not everyone wants invasive treatments like Botox, fillers, harsh peels, or lasers. I craved being able to give my clients more. Trends are always changing but your skin will always need the same core ingredients no matter what.”

Her focus is now on showing you how to achieve lifelong, healthy skin without the need for a complex 12-step skincare routine. Enter, The Bloom Box, your at-home facial! A product designed for busy moms, working women, and those who want to take care of their skin without frequent spa visits.

At Bloom Esthetics, they emphasize everyone’s inherent beauty, and aging as a graceful, and empowering process. Support a female owned local small business located in Ogden, Utah. 

GTU20 gets you 20% off the Bloom Box or, 20% off a first treatment with Nichole! and on IG: @bloom_utah