SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – (Good Things Utah) Make being a middle school student a little less hard. Give your child coping mechanisms, time management skills and give them the tools to be successful. 

Becky Fife and Allie Callister, co-owners of the company Bloomfully, have come out with a middle school surviving secret. It’s called “I Believe in Me,” and it’s a program for middle school girls. Everything is garden themed, having to do with the concepts of blooming and growing beautifully. 

The program acts as a safe place to build healthy habits and ask questions. Moms and children alike adore the program. It gives people confidence. It gives them hope. 

In the starter package, each person receives a planner teaching time management, a water bottle to keep them hydrated and healthy, pens for journaling and so much more. This is the perfect holiday gift for those going into middle school. 

Use the code “GTUbloom” for one month free!

Instagram: @ibelieveinmegirls