We got bedazzled in the studio earlier today as guests Mickelle and Jefferson Tuke from Dipped in Drip showed us their bright and shining business. 

Mickelle Tuke said that she loves adding gems and sparkle to items and that after adding some shine to many of her and her husband’s items, she began doing custom work for customers on Instagram. A customer can send her an item that they want to liven up and she will give them the rate depending on what they send and she will then create a one-of-a-kind custom design decked out all in sparkle.  

With her skills varying from adding gems to clothing, shoes, and guitars, Mickelle Tuke said that her skills even range to adding gems to her husband’s motorcycle which he often drives to various places, including Sturgis, South Dakota. Depending on the material she is working with, Mickelle explained that she must use different glues and different processes to bedazzle various pieces. Mickelle and Jefferson Tuke perform in their corporate event band The Groove Merchants where all their costumes are handmade and accessorized with gems by Mickelle.  

For viewers interested in reaching out to Mickelle about custom designs and adornments, you can reach her on Instagram and TikTok at @dipdindrip