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Jayden Brennan, Chef of Powdered Peak Sweets. The business started in August of 2020, they originally thought they would just be occasionally baking for friends but it took off they were lucky enough to have another local small business post about them on Instagram like Mims SLC and Mad Dough and they’ve been growing ever since.  

They are known for their cronies, which are croissant-like dough fried like a donut and then filled and/or glazed or just rolled in cinnamon sugar. Their cronies take 3 days total from start to the final product that they get to their customers.  

They are currently only taking preorders on their website.

Powder Peak Sweets will be at Gardener Village with Mims SLC come check them out!

Date: Saturday 22nd, 2021

Time: 11-1 PM or while supplies last

Dough Ingredients:   

-525g flour 

-250ml water 

-125g butter 

-65g granulated sugar 

-60g egg whites 

-11g yeast 

-2 Tbsp heavy cream 

-4g salt 

Butter Block:  

-255g butter 

Filling Ingredients:  

-1-2 cups lemon curd 

Glaze Ingredients:  

-8 oz blackberries blended and seeds removed through a fine-mesh sieve  

-2 cups powdered sugar 

-3 Tbsp milk 


1. Combine flour, water, butter, sugar, egg whites, yeast, heavy cream, and salt into a stand mixer bowl and mix with dough hook attachment for 2 minutes.  

2. Transfer dough to a large bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Let the dough rise at room temperature on the counter for 2-3 hours.  

3. Place dough onto counter and shape into a 10x10inch square then wrap tightly in plastic wrap and put in the fridge to rest overnight.  

4. Make butter block by shaping butter into a 7x7inch square and wrapping tightly in plastic wrap. Place in fridge overnight.  

5. The following day, remove the dough and butter block from the fridge and place it onto the countertop dusted lightly with flour.  

6. Place butter block on the dough and close butter block into the dough.  

7. Roll dough out into a 20×20 square with a rolling pin then fold in half once, then in half again so it makes a square. Place in fridge for an hour.  

8. Remove dough from the fridge and repeat step 7. Place in fridge overnight.  

9. The following day, remove dough from the fridge, roll dough into a 12×12 square on the counter. Cut out dough with a donut cutter.  

10. Place dough on baking sheets and cover with plastic wrap. Let rise for 1.5/2 hours.  

11. While the dough is rising, heat grapeseed oil to 360 degrees Fahrenheit.  

12. Once the dough rises, fry each cronie for 90 seconds per side or until golden.  

13. Remove from oil and let cool.  

14. Fill a piping bag with lemon curd  

15. Roll sides of cronie in sugar 

16. Fill cronie with lemon curd 

17. Whisk together glaze ingredients and dip cronie in glaze 

18. Enjoy! 

Find Powder Peak Sweets online, and IG.

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