Best ways to style shelves in your home

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Floating shelves are on the rage, and Courtney Clark with Set the Stage returns to teach Reagan and viewers how to style the shelves in your home. Follow these simple tips to boost the aesthetics of your home decor!

  • If you are trying to make the items on your shelf seem cohesive, “go with the triangle,” says Clark, but she adds if you have more items, you can make everything even as it goes down the shelves.  
  • Styling with greenery, textures, and mixing old items — like books –with muted colors can make a big difference on your shelves. 
  • Floating shelves are trending and when styling floating shelves Clark says, “think layers!” In the kitchen, you can add typical kitchen items as a layer. 
  • Finally, suggests keeping the top of bookshelves clear to avoid your shelves looking cluttered.

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