GTU chef, Austin Buhler, joined us in the studio with what he claims to be the best turkey recipe. Here’s are some helpful rules of thumb: 

  • How Much Meat Per Person? 1 to 1 ½ pounds per person
  • When to start defrosting? You need 24 hours for every 5 pounds.
  • How long do I cook it for? About 20 minutes per pound.
  • When is it done? The inner part of the thigh meat should be at 165*F.
  • Does it need to rest? YES! Let your turkey rest for at least 30 minutes before carving.

Most turkeys are going to come with one of those little pop-up timers in the breast. Buhler says to THROW IT AWAY! Those timers are designed to pop when they reach 180*F so they can’t be blamed for a raw turkey. Poultry is done at 165*F. Get a good kitchen thermometer and do the temp checks yourself. Meat continues to cook during the resting stage and can increase another 10*F -15*F after you pull it from the oven. To ensure a moist bird this year, he suggests removing the turkey from the oven when the thickest part of the thigh registers at 160*F. Then during the resting period, the meat will continue to cook to 165*F.

When it comes to cooking the turkey, there are many ways to cook your turkey from the classic roasting to deep frying and dirt pit slow cooking. Do what you prefer, but Buhler shares how he roasts his:

  1. Preheat the oven to 325*F. Adjust the rack to the lowest position.
  2. If you are stuffing your bird, this is the time to do it.
  3. Take your Turkey Butter and smear it underneath the skin of the turkey breast. This will season the meat and help keep the white meat moist.
  4. Place your turkey in a roasting pan large enough to fit your bird and cover it with foil.
  5. Place into the oven and roast for 20 minutes per pound. When the bird is temping around 145*F, remove the foil to allow the skin to brown up.
  6. When the turkey is temping at 160*F in the thickest part of the thigh, remove it from the oven and let rest. The turkey will continue to cook to 165* during the resting period.
  7. If you have stuffed your turkey, it is imperative that you ensure the stuffing is also temping at 165*F. If it is not up to temp, remove the stuffing from the bird and place it into a baking dish. Return the stuffing to the oven and let cook until the stuffing reaches 165*F.

Turkey Butter Ingredients:

  • 1 Pound Softened Butter
  • 1 tbsp each, chopped sage, thyme, & parsley.
  • 1 tbsp salt

Mix all the ingredients together until it forms a soft paste-like consistency

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