Courtney Otis from Seeking Good Things joined the show to share three businesses any Utah foodie must try. 

The first restaurant is Feldman’s Deli. A New York Style Jewish Deli opened in Salt Lake. In 2012, the owners realized there were no Jewish Delis here in Utah, so they opened their own! Serving sandwiches, bagels and more. Using code GTU22 for $5 off a $20 purchase. 

The second restaurant mentioned is La Caille. With a winery in their restaurant, La Caille serves unique to Utah dinners and brunch. Perfect for a special occasion, La Caille will not disappoint. 

The last mentioned by Otis is the Cupcake Shoppe located in Ogden, Utah. Selling all sorts of sweets such as brownies, cookies and, of course their specialty, stuffed cupcakes! Everything on their menu can be made without gluten. They do custom orders, or go into the shop to get some sweets!

Check out Otis’s Instagram and Tiktok to find codes for discounts and more foodie fun!

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