Chelsie Moody, Owner of Simply Better Organization, shared her top tips on pantry organization. 

Moody said the most important thing to do when organizing is to create systems. By doing this she said that everything in your house has a place, and you know exactly where to find things. 

Her first tip for creating systems in your pantry is to pull everything out. Sort through things, and throw things out that are expired and that you won’t use. From there, she said to use the floor space available to you. Using large baskets to put larger food containers in, you can utilize all the space in your pantry and open space on your shelves.  

Taking things out of the packages you bought them in is also a great hack, Moody said. By doing this it saves space, looks better, and you can tell how much of something you have. This prevents overbuying or being understocked for recipes. Using a dinner bin is also helpful, holding all the ingredients and items you plan to use in recipes later in the week.  

Organizers are also helpful and important to have. Using organizers like Lazy Susans in the corner of your pantry, a tiered riser, clear containers and other types of organizers helps the pantry look neat and clean. These are easy to find at places like Target and Walmart, Moody said.  

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