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Trends come and go, and at times they even come back. Today’s throwback Thursday is all about the greatest 90’s theme clothing that is making a comeback. Whether they are ugly or cute here are the top 90’s trends that have made their way into 2021.

Jelly shoes are iconic footwear that some say is the better version of Crocks, that paired with the glamourous bucket hat makes the perfect 90’s comeback!

Right after the Jelly Shoes and Bucket Hat is wide-legged jeans. These jeans scream the baggy 90’s look that skinny jeans have tried to run from. These wide-legged jeans can be seen selling for up to $200 online while others can be found for much less at target or other retail stores.

Big, baggy flannel shirts are also on the 90’s trend list. This paired with the wide-legged baggy jeans create the ultimate loose-fitting 90’s outfit. Of course, we can’t mention Jelly shoes, wide-legged jeans, and flannels without bringing up high-platform sneakers and the Scrunchy. Platform shoes and scrunchies can be seen everywhere through social media and the stores, almost just as much as 90’s styled Squarts and overalls.

So there we have it, the top clothing items that are making their way back into 2021, love them or hate them they are here and in stores!

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