Salt Lake City, UT – (Good Things Utah) – Self-esteem is something everyone struggles with at different moments in their life. Viviane Quintela has made it her mission to support children in their journey of self-esteem. Quintela, Co-Founder of Tiny Power Co. was in the studio today shining some light on why positive self-esteem is important and the benefits of building your children up.

Tiny Power Co. is a children’s clothing brand that is committed to spreading positivity. Their slogan, “Wear Kindness.” showcases the value in a kind word shared between individuals and the uplifting effect it can have. 

Quintela shared five ways to build your children’s self-esteem. 

5 Ways to Build Children’s Self-esteem

  1. Listen to their thoughts and feelings
  2. Set them up for success
  3. Find ways to make them feel powerful
  4. Praise the process, not only the result
  5. Have a positive view of yourself

By creating ways for children to build their own positive image of themselves, it lead to some wonderful things in their lives. Quintela shares that by children having higher self-esteem the benefits come up in many different ways. Some of these benefits include; children have an easier time handling conflict, better at resisting negative pressures, make friends easily, laugh and smile more, and are more optimistic. 

To learn more about Tiny Power Co., visit their website and use the code GTU15 for 15% off on their store.