The holidays are the season of giving and for this week’s Parenting Moment, Sarah Clark, @thedaintypear on Instagram, stopped by GTU to tell us about the benefits of doing service with your children.

This time of the year is the perfect time to get involved in service and volunteering and bring your kids along as well! Clark says one thing she has noticed is that even young kids can feel the happiness that service brings. She describes it as a “skip in their step” after they have helped someone else and this translates into joy and more kindness towards each other. The effects are so good that each act of service has made them want to do it again!

Service does not have to be doing something extravagant, it can be small:
-Look for doors to hold.
-Smile and wave at the elderly.
-Give a compliment or say what you appreciate about somebody.
-Look for kids who aren’t being included and include them.
-Find little moments of service with your siblings and others.

A pro tip Clark has discovered is that when she verbally recognizes the specific act of service, it is likely to happen more. For example saying, “I noticed you did ______ for ______. That was so kind of you, Thank you!” Expressing your gratitude for the acts of service your children do makes them feel acknowledged, resulting in them wanting to repeat the behavior.

More than just the positive impacts it has on your children intrinsically, Studies show that service can even improve kids’ leadership skills, help them be better citizens, combat depression, and can increase self-confidence. As for the impact it has had on her family, Clark says they feel more bonded after serving together.

For more parenting tips check out Clark’s website, YouTube and The Dainty Pear on Instagram.