Beehives atop the Hilton Hotel

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Sebastian Lowry is not only the executive chef at the Hilton hotel in downtown SLC, he’s also the resident bee keeper! He told Deena Marie if there were no bees to pollinate, we would lose crops, fruit, and other important foods.

One year ago, Sebastian was looking at various amenities to put inside the hotel when he came across honey, lip balm, and other items from local company Bees Brothers. Guests loved the products, and the idea to bring in some of the company’s hives to the hotel was born.

Each hive contains ten-thousand bees! Bee-yonce is one of the four fun names of the hives that were chosen by hotel employees. The Hilton boasts an herb garden that includes rosemary, thyme, sage, and lavender that the bees feed off of.

Sarah Duke lends her organic gardening and beekeeping services to the hotel as well, proud of the effort the Hilton is making toward sustainability and local food efforts.

Anyone can help save or bees by avoiding pesticides, and being mindful of them, allowing them to fly free.

Visit the Hilton at 255 South West Temple, or hop online at

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