While makeup trends seem to be geared towards the younger gals, those of us in the 40+ age range can still have fun and amp up our regime with a little help from beauty guru, Missy Lovett. With almost 20 years experience as a makeup artist and designer and an impressive resume that includes International publications like Vogue, Lovett shares how we can look our best in our 40+ years.

“As we age, our skin dries out. That is the biggest thing I see in all my clients, especially those that live in Utah, we dry out. And everything you put on top, it just make it look worse. You get that alligator skin.” While it can be hard to find that balance between caking on makeup and providing full coverage, properly moisturizing can do wonders. Lovett’s favorite skincare brand is Olay. She recommends this to everyone, especially those of us over 40. This line can fit in anyone’s budget and is found at virtually any grocery or big box store and has been proven to work even better than $400 brand moisturizers. Lovett suggests mixing moisturizer with your foundation to help hydrate your skin and provide more coverage. This provides a great way to have that dewy look. 

Here are a few of her tips to help preserve our youth:

-With the rise of Millennials and Gen Z folks on YouTube and TikTok showcasing applications of concealer under your eyes, Lovett says that’s a big “no no” as it emphasizes our fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, take a bit of eye cream and concealer and put a small amount around the eyes. 

-Many of us may also feel inclined to apply pressed powder to keep our foundation set. Less really is more. Instead of a full coverage powder, try a translucent powder.

-Pinks have been a staple color for blushes as we associate them with youthfulness. Unfortunately, it can have the opposite effect and age us when we’re aging. Opt for the apricot or coral colors and apply to the temples versus the apples. It’s an instant facelift!

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