With Labor Day weekend ahead of us, many families are looking for hikes they can do with all different age groups. Rebecca Hrabar from Utah Family Travels came by to give us the scoop on three of the most beautiful hikes in Utah.

The Jungle Trail 

If there was ever a trail designed for kids, this is it. It is located in Draper and you can find it off of the Carolina Hills Trailhead. It is 1 mile out and back and features all sorts of fun things for kids from stumps, to little houses made up of branches and logs and more. It is very shaded in the Jungle Trail section and a blast to explore with young kids.

Timpanogos Upper and Lower Falls 

Truly an incredible destination if you are looking for some spectacular waterfalls! This 2 mile out and back hike starts in the Aspen Grove Trailhead and follows the Mt Timp trail. This is a hike Hrabar would suggest for older kids or teens simply because there is quite a bit of elevation gain. The falls themselves are breathtaking and look tropical because of all the green moss and plants surrounding them! 

Donut Falls

This hike is up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It is 1.5 miles out and back. It is slippery and falling is definitely a possibility while scrambling up. So while Donut Falls isn’t a long hike, it is one that we recommend to adults to try out, rather than families with kids because it is tricky and slippery if you are trying to make it to the top. If you do want to try it with kids we would suggest staying at the bottom of the falls, which is still very beautiful, as well as wearing shoes with good grip that you do not mind getting wet. If you go and want to climb to the top, please take caution and climb responsibly, wear good grip shoes and be careful. 

Hrabar also provided us with useful things to bring on your Labor Day Weekend hike. 

-A fully charged cell phone(battery backups are great too for longer hikes)

-A downloaded map of the trail

– A backpack to carry supplies

-A child carrier for our youngest

-Good shoes, they do not even need to be specified hiking shoes but shoes with a good grip on the bottom do make a difference.

-Water, always pack more than you think you need

-First Aid Kit

-Medications if needed

-Snacks: Especially when hiking with kids, always bring a good variety of snacks. Make sure to always pack out any garbage and do not leave any behind on the trail!

For more tips from Hrabar, find her on IG.