Beating health decline in old age at a ‘life-plan’ community

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Marcus Cordova is the Associate Executive Director at Summit Vista, Utah’s first ‘life-plan community’ for seniors sixty-two and older. The aim of the community is to allow active senior living. The average age of residents that live at summit is about 73 years old. Senior enter a community of like minded individuals who still want to be active and social.

Some amenities at Summit Vista are:

  • Three restaurants. One is a formal fine dining sit down restaurant,
  • Pool tables, Lap Pools, and lots of different fitness activities.
  • Apartment homes that range in different sizes and functions which are beautifully furnished.

The beauty of the community is if you’re in an apartment home, 100 degree day out, you can come down to the clubhouse through the climate control walkway, go for a swim, go for a workout, go to the cafe/marketplace or just about anything you’d like to do. Have a cup of coffee or a juice or a smoothie.

People can live a healthy lifestyle without a lot barrier that come with aging. For example, residents can go out to restaurants, meet with friends, get a card game going, go to the art studio, and try something new. They can try a new class, learn how to watercolor, learn how to sketch, or learn how to do pottery. There isn’t much of a reason to ever leave when seniors have everything at their fingertips other than taking a vacation.

The isolation that some senior citizens face is the cause of major health decline. Things change in life and especially when you’re not able to do what you used to do. People in their older age can still go out and play bridge, play cards or get to the gym. Social activates keep seniors stimulated and engaged.

One such resident is a record holder for summitting every peak on every continent. At one point she held the record for being the oldest woman to have sumitted Mount Everest. In the wintertime she’s out snowshoeing, skiing, always with her backpack out and about. Those are the kind of people that are joining the living community in great health and excited about their future.

One resident who has moved in has a goal to lose thirty-five pounds. He was tired of being the grandpa sitting on the couch and watching TV with grand kids. He’s now lost the weight, living a healthy lifestyle and out playing with grand kids.

You can attend a community preview at one of Summit Vista’s events called ‘Lunch and Learn’ where you can learn about the lifestyle and see if you or someone you know is interested.

Call (866) 362-5845 or visit to RSPVP

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