SALT LAKE, UT – Lots of people suffer from seasonal depression and we are giving a way to combat the winter blues with vibrational medicine. Jhill Seraphine has come to tell us about Vibes of Light. It’s a place to schedule therapy sessions like sound healing, energy work/reiki, and light therapy. Our bodies are made of vibrations, therefore it’s easy to shift your mood using vibrational tools. This is exactly what they are doing. They are improving people’s moods and helping with mental health which is perfect especially since so many people have seasonal depressional right now. 

For a total energy shift which is a 2hr treatment its $165, but to get $10 off use code: GTU10. Check out their website and social media for more information or to sign up for a time.  They can be found in SLC, just off I-80 and Main St.


Instagram: @vibes.of.light 
Facebook: @VibesofLight