Kaili Spear, motivational speaker and podcaster, joined the show to share her take on how to stop being bitter. Teaching mindfulness and coping strategies, Spear has made her mark helping those who will lend her an ear. 

Speaking from her experience, she noticed that after a break-up she was consuming a lot of negative, lonely media and music, so Spear decided to fix her actions and stop being so darn bitter in three simple steps. 

The first step is to stop feeding it. By paying attention to the kind of media and music that is consumed on the daily and turning it into something more positive, stopping the act of feeding negativity and feeding the positivity instead becomes a habit. Suggested posts, music, ads, and everything being fed to you based on interactions all contribute to the vacuum created. Create a positive one instead of being surrounded by bitterness. Unfollow, stop liking, and stop listening to people and posts that remind you of that bitter feeling or experience. 

The second step is to make the internet your helper. Feed your feed with positivity. When interacting with posts, each kind of post you like gives ten more just like it. Interact with positive posts, get more positivity on your feed. Search for different content. For example, if the goal is to eat healthier, search for healthy food products and recipes, interact with posts, and suddenly your feed is filled with things just like this. 

The third and final step for being less bitter is being intentional about your life. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning, Spear said. What do you want to be like? We choose who we want to be and how we want to feel. Spear encourages people to not go with the flow. Doing that will cause you to drown. Instead, take control of your life and be intentional with your actions, emotions, and energy. 

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