Trudi O’Brien started as an intervener for the Utah schools for the deaf and blind. She told ABC4 she felt there was a need to help students who graduate from the program at 22 continue to learn and grow in the adult world.

O’Brien said when others don’t understand how someones communication system works, those individuals stop being heard. Bear-O Care came about through a desire to listen and continue to hear and help those with severely limiting disabilities.

That is why Chris Thresher, with The Advocates at Driggs, Bill & Day, has named Trudi O’Brien this month’s Community Advocate. She has shown that she is a good Samaritan that helps this forgotten population in our community.

“Trudi is tireless. I literally have to send her home everyday. She cares so much about not only our clients, but the families, our employees, really everyone,” says Mike Braga, Director of Bear-O Care.

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