SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (Good Things Utah) – Heather Holmgren spoke about how to manage holiday stress and be present during the holidays. 

Much of the holidays, Holmgren said, is pure chaos. In that chaos, we lose the true meaning and purpose of why we celebrate. When things get chaotic, “we pull ourselves into the anxious future,” Holmgren siad. Instead of obsessing over the future and being anxious, mindfulness should be focused on. Take a breath and smell the air, she said, taking a moment to center.  

The next important thing to recognize is to set an intention, asking what the “big picture” is and what should be taken away from this moment. In addition, asking “Can this be achieved independent of others?” meaning do you have control of the outcome you’re gaining to achieve. 

If or when things go wrong, Holmgren refers to her “totem.” This can be something that fits in your pocket to ground yourself, helping to express gratitude in the moment and be present. 

Holmgren said that people are conditioned to keep things looking perfect. This creates the illusion that focusing outside is more important than focusing on our own needs, when this is simply not the case. Being gentle and listening to your own needs is important to being present and enjoying life.

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