Be a victor, rather than a victim. Life coach Kelee Love shares how.

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Times are uncertain, but silver linings are everywhere. This is a time where we’re forced to slow down, and while that may feel difficult to navigate, we can take it is as an opportunity to tune into our highest selves. Life coach Kelee Love tells us now is the perfect time to get quiet, and reconnect with ourselves by asking, “am I living the life I really want to live?”

We can tap begin to tap into that quietness within by starting with just three minutes of meditation each morning. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and visualize the brightest version of yourself. As yourself, “what values does my highest self have?” And begin to act accordingly.

Kelee went on to share her own inspiring story. Unhappy with her life, and on the brink of homelessness, she dove within, and began to create her new life from a heart-centered space. She tells us change begins with gratitude, and viewing hardships as a gift. By choosing to be a victor rather than a victim.

Self-compassion is key, and Kelee is here to help you find yours. Work with Kelee at Visit her website now, and take advantage of generous offer: a free download of her confidence master class! Find Kelee on instagram at

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